Boyle Road Checklist

Updated Tuesday June 28, 2016 by Terryville Soccer Club.

Here's a list of things you need to do when you are setting up and breaking down Boyle Rd.

  • Unlock/Lock Port-A-Potty
  • Put Out/Bring In Cones in front of the Emergency Gate - cones should be placed about 10 feet in front to keep entire area clear of parked cars
  • Put Out/ Bring In Corner Flags
  • Put Out/ Bring In Player Benches - please put the benches away in the back of the container so the next person who opens the container doesn't trip on them.
  • Put Out/ Throw Away Garbage - There should be a garbage container with a bag inside it on the players side and the parents side of the field.  When cleaning up, the garbage bags get thrown into the dumpster by the school.  Do not leave garbage in the container!