Message from the President

Updated Saturday February 4, 2017 by Terryville Soccer Club.

Message From The President

Paul Sheiffele, President Terryville Soccer Club


Terryville Soccer Club (TSC) offers many opportunities for the children in our community.  Children have the chance to grow up with their friends and learn something fun along the way.  I have seen our youth grow in many ways by simply being a part of the soccer community.  They have not only become better at soccer, but have learned the importance of communication, team work, and overcoming fears. 

On July 1 2016, I began my duties as President of TSC.  In addition, George Ladani began as Vice President of Intramural, and Janine Lynch began as Vice President of Travel.   We join Travis Carroll, Treasurer, and Kristine Sheiffele, Secretary. The goal of the Executive Board continues to be to provide a friendly and fun pastime.  We hope to continue to see TSC grow as a respected club.  Our focus will continue to be promoting, encouraging, and improving the standard of soccer at all levels within the community.  In addition, we aim to provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the needs of the game, its participants and fans. 

We look forward to the continued growth and development of the TSC in the future. That can only be accomplished with your support. If you have time to help us or just an idea to improve the TSC please let us know. We are committed to looking for ways to enhance your experience with the Terryville Soccer Club.  Finally, thank you to everyone who continues to volunteer their time from year to year and welcome those who are joining us this upcoming season.



Paul Sheiffele