2018 Terryville Soccer Club is accepting candidates for 3 Executive Board Positions

Updated Tuesday March 6, 2018 by Patty Shaffer.

Terryville Soccer Club is accepting candidates for its Board of Directors for terms commencing July, 2018.  There are three (3) positions open for election including, President, Vice President Travel, Vice President of Intramurals.


  • President  (currently held by Paul Sheiffele)

  • Vice President, Travel  (currently held by Janine Lynch)

  • Vice President, Intramurals (currently held by George Ladani)

The TSC is looking for candidates who will represent all members of the Club, recognize the Executive Board as a team environment, able and willing to give the time commitment to be an effective Board member, and may bring special skills and insights to the Board that otherwise may not be represented.  Typically, the Executive Board will meet once every month. Emergency meetings may be called to address specific items.

Below is the how the election process will work.

1)  Self Announcement - A person who wants to run for a specific Board position announces their candidacy via a written email to secretary@terryvillesoccer.com by April 1st.

2) Nomination - Candidates will attend the April Board meeting, April 10th at 8PM at the Atria South Setauket and will need to be nominated by another TSC member in person.  

3) General Election Day - May 8th at 8PM at the Atria South Setauket.  If one of the Board Positions has more than 1 nominations, those candidates will provide a short speech followed by vote.  

Please reach out to any of the executive Board members if you have any questions about becoming one of the open Executive Board Positions.

Paul Sheiffele - president@terryvillesoccer.com

George Ladani - intramural@terryvillesoccer.com

Janine Lynch - travel@terryvillesoccer.com 

Anne Feliciano - finance@terryvillesoccer.com 

Patty Shaffer - secretary@terryvillesoccer.com