Intramural Build-Out Line

Updated Tuesday February 5, 2019 by TSC.

Build Out Line
New for Spring 2019, the TSC will introduce a build out line to U6-U10. The build out line promotes playing the ball out of the back with control and in a less pressured setting, rather than teaching players to send the ball a long distance down the field and chase after it.

  • The Build Out Line is marked midway between the penalty area line and the halfway line. 
  • When the goalkeeper has possession of the ball, either during play or for a goal kick, the opposing team  must move and remain behind the build out line until the ball is put in play. 
    • The opposing team has 6 seconds to move behind line. If the opposing team takes longer than 6 seconds to move behind the line, referees will warn the coach. If the delays continue, a yellow card will be issued to the coach. Restart is an indirect free kick on the build out line. 
    • The goalkeeper is not required to wait until the opposing team is behind the line to put the ball in play. The goalkeeper can pass, throw, or roll the ball into play. Punting is not allowed
    • The ball is considered in play as soon as it leaves the goalkeepers possession, at which time play resumes as normal.  
  • When the goalkeeper first puts the ball into play, players on the opposing team may not be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line.