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As players, coaches and a club, the Terryville Soccer Club strives to provide excellence in everything we do by continuously adapting and improving each season as we continue to pursue a greater experience for all of our participants. 

We hope to provide the best soccer experience to all of our players through our multiple soccer programs and trainings, as well as an enjoyable environment for everyone.  We strive to introduce new many qualities through soccer that our players will take with them throughout their lives.   Through competition our players will learn to show good sportsmanship on and off the field and friendships that will last a lifetime.

All of our program ages are based off of School Calendar Year and not Calendar year

This program is our newest and hottest program. It is our introductory program for children that are still too young for our Intramural or Travel programs but still want to get out on the field and learn the basics of Soccer.  Players take part in weekly games and activities with the help of our skilled team of trainers.  Our Trainers along with the assistance of the players parents, will begin to learn the fundamentals of soccer in a fun and exciting new way.   In this program children will begin to learn social development skills in an age-appropriate manner while getting on the field and interacting with players of the same age and abilities.  Players at this age have different needs from that of our older players and require a uniquely different approach to the game of soccer.  

This program is our entry level program into the Intramural Soccer. This is where the future stars are made, providing positive experiences within a non-competitive environment, so everyone will enjoy playing the game.   In this program, coaches and trainers will be implementing the core skills and fundamentals of soccer in a fun and challenging environment. For this division players will have a 30 min training by our own trainers, that will provide age-appropriate training focusing on developing ball-control, technique and coordination followed by a 30min game.  In this Division, teams are co-ed.  

In this program players will now take part in the full game format, while learning the fundamentals and foundations of the game.  Players will now begin to hone their soccer skills through practices and training, while improving their social interactions and sportsmanship as part of a larger team.  During this time, they will continue to advance their technical skills and knowledge of the game as they develop better ball-control, technique and coordination, with the ultimate goal of mastering the ball.  

This is our top level in the Intramural Program. Players in this division take part in a full game format and continue to advance their skills.  Players will continue to work within a team environment building additional self-awareness, self-esteem and sportsmanship.  Through practices and trainings, players will begin to master their soccer skills and techniques.  During this time our players will also develop additional social skills that we hope will turn into lifelong friendships.  Players within this division are now eligible to try out for one of Terryville’s many Travel teams when Tryouts are held.   years old

*All Divisions are subject to change without prior notice based on registered numbers in order to form divisions and teams*